Why You Should Make The Change From Security Grilles To Roller Shutters

Security grilles became a highly popular security solution for business owners to protect their wares from any would-be intruders. With low costs and little on-going maintenance required, they also allowed people to see inside the shop or premises from the outside when they were lowered.

Security grilles do come with problems though. For example, by allowing people to see inside your store when it is closed, you allow potential thieves to scope out your premises without being disturbed. If you want to improve your business’ security, here are four reasons you should consider switching to roller shutters:

Complete Coverage

By covering the entire face of your building and leaving no gaps, shutters prevent wandering eyes from being able to see inside your property when no one is around. This means potential intruders are unable to plan an easy robbery attempt during night time hours. A full covering means there is no unprotected spaces that can be smashed, vandalised or damaged.


By completely covering everything, shutters give off the appearance of a more comprehensive and heavy-duty security system. By providing a more intimidating façade, you can reduce the chance of a break in as thieves tend to look for an easy target. With a comprehensive security feature in place, they will assume that an alarm system and CCTV cameras will also be in contention.

Electronically Operated

Most security grilles are manually operated, which means it takes time and physical effort to lift and lower them. Because of the physical exertion, they require a staff member who is fit and strong enough to do the task. Security shutters can be installed with electronic controls that allow them to be opened and closed via a remote, saving you time and effort that can be spent elsewhere.

Non-Security Benefits

As well as providing security, roller shutter can also protect your property from adverse weather conditions, such as hailstorms and strong winds. They also create a barrier against noise pollution and give a platform for advertising to take place. Roller shutters create a solid surface which can be painted, printed with ads for your business, promoting you and your company, even when it’s closed.

If you have security grilles and want to upgrade to roller shutters in Manchester, contact Sheridan Doors today for a quote.