The Most Common Warehouse Accidents and How to Prevent Them

No matter how much new technology and automation you install in your warehouse, you still need a workforce of employees for everything to work. Every company should be dedicated to keeping all of their employees safe and injury-free – after all, employees are the key to a successful and productive warehouse.

What are the most common incidents that occur in warehouses, and how can warehouse owners help prevent them from happening?

  1. Forklift Accidents

Unfortunately, it is estimated that each month in the UK sees an average of two warehouse deaths due to employees being crushed by heavy machinery, usually forklifts.

Most serious and fatal accidents occur once an employee becomes comfortable and complacent when operating pieces of heavy equipment over a long period of time. Companies will want their forklift staff to be experienced and comfortable using the machinery, but drivers should always remain vigilant and aware of the power that forklifts possess.

Regular reviews should be put in place to acknowledge potential hazards of operating a forklift and other heavy machinery often.

  1. Falling Objects

To effectively utilise space in a warehouse, items need to be stacked high. This poses some problems, however, in the form of falling objects. Sloppily stored merchandise and odd shaped products all pose a threat if they aren’t stacked smartly.

The heavier the load is, the more care needs to be taken when stacking. Special attention should be paid to cylindrical objects, which can easily roll off shelves and cause serious injury.

  1. High Speed Doors

High speed shutters have become a must-have in warehouses that require strict temperature and humidity control. Most high-speed doors are fitted with sensors to prevent accidentally closing on a person; but people still crash into doors, more often than doors hit people.

Soft breakaway doors mean the door can easily collapse out of its hinges before returning itself back to the guide rail if someone does make contact with it. Additional sensors that view the entire plane of the door rather than simply below it means that people driving forklifts towards doors don’t need to stop to gain access.

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