How Can Modernising Your Warehouse Save You Time and Money

Even a smooth-running warehouse has room for improvement. The importance of an efficient warehouse is paramount: the average warehouse in the UK loses as many as 3,000 hours annually as a result of unproductive work. Although lost hours are inevitable, such a high number is easily brought down by warehouse modernisations and careful planning.

Warehouse spaces should be evaluated at regular intervals to optimise its full potential and to ensure that lost hours are kept to a minimum.

If you are keen to explore how warehouse modernisations can help save you time and money, here are some key areas you need to consider:

Warehouse Management Systems and Software

To help keep accurate accounts of your warehouse’s day-to-day operations you will need a reliable management software system. This software gives you a centralised control of tasks and helps you track inventory and stock levels as well as their locations in the warehouse.

These management systems are the best way of identifying where potential losses are originating from and how you can manage them better. If your company deals in products which easily spoil, these systems can be a vital advantage. Every loss can cost your company time, money, or both, so any losses through spoiled products that arises in your warehouse can be identified easily through this software and reduced. With a vast range of systems available it is important to take time to research which one will be the best fit for you and your warehouse.

Ergonomic Equipment

Without employees your warehouse simply wouldn’t run, so it is important that workers are able to stay fresh and focused through their work day. Investments into ergonomic equipment have been proven to reduce time taken off work from illness, injury or stress. Investments into ergonomic equipment should be carefully researched prior to purchasing to measure the speed of your return on investment.

Maintaining a properly-regulated warehouse temperature throughout summer and winter months can give very positive results in terms of the productivity of the workforce; with air handling units positioned effectively around the warehouse, it won’t cost you a lot to initiate.

Simpler products such as ergonomic mats and adjustable tables can provide immediate and recognisable benefits for your staff morale.

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