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Ways Your Warehouse Can Cut Down on Waste

Manufacturers are always striving to limit the amount of waste they produce. When a warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine, productivity is increased, and money and time aren’t wasted. By identifying the types of waste, along with their causes and consequences, we can make sure every warehouse is working to the best of its abilities.

  1. Transporting Goods

Transport waste happens when you move items, parts or materials from one area to another without adding value to the product that customers will eventually receive. You have to invest in the operating skills, equipment and vehicles/fuel that are required to transports items while keeping them away from any productive work.

  1. Productive Inventory

Having an inventory of parts, materials, complete products and in-process products all incur costs to store and takes up your warehouse space, adds transport waste and poses potential losses for products that can spoil, break or become obsolete. Ineffective forecasting, and production planning are the main causes of inventory waste.

  1. Continuous and Productive Workflows

Waiting can occur in any warehouse for a number of different reasons but the result is always the same: waste. People can wait on information, decisions, approvals, other parties’ actions and materials. These waits occur when employees lack the ability to act and decide, departments are not in sync and bottlenecks cause production to slow or stop altogether.

  1. Making Products at The Right Time

Overproduction is always tempting if your business is selling well, but producing more than your customers need right now, too soon, or before its time to make delivery is a reflection of poor management. Overproduction is also a major cause of transport waste also.

  1. Correct Warehouse Equipment

From transport devices and high speed-doors, the right equipment will ensure that your products stay at the right environmental temperatures to avoid spoiling. High-speed doors and roller shutters help maintain temperatures and moisture content that will help preserve your products and also protect them from theft or vandalism.

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