Using Roller Shutters To Protect Listed Buildings
Using Roller Shutters To Protect Listed Buildings

If your business takes up residence in a listed building, then the choices for security options can be very limited. Most listed buildings require extensive planning permission for even simple renovations, not just extensions.

As a business owner you must be able to secure your property from possible thieves or destruction of your property and belongings. So, with such strict rules around installation on listed buildings, what can you do to make sure your business is safe?

With installation of standard roller shutters out of the question, we need to look at alternative methods of securing business properties in listed buildings. To bypass the problem, first we need to understand the restrictions.

What Are the Restrictions?

With more than 500,000 listed buildings in the UK, laws protecting them are extensive. If a building has listed status, then it often prevents a business from making any alterations at all to the building’s exterior without applying for planning permission. Luckily, if you cannot make any alterations at all to the outside of the building, there are interior security options available to ensure you can still secure your business.

How Can I Secure My Business?

Interior roller shutters can be fixed to existing architecture that keeps your business safe and secure. Shutters can be installed on the inside of windows which provides the perfect solution for keeping any stock, hardware or machinery safe.

Ranges of roller grills can also allow natural light to enter the building whilst still offering that necessary protection. Bespoke solutions will help avoid any damage to structures and using specialist steelwork that doesn’t need fixing to brick or stonework, listed buildings need no interference to have a complete shutter system installed.

All-aluminium systems are available to avoid heavy weight strains on the building. Tubular motors require a smaller rolling zone than other systems, which makes them the most popular choice for roller shutters in listed buildings as they don’t affect the aesthetic of the site itself.

If you operate within a listed building and are looking for roller shutters in Manchester, contact Sheridan Doors today.