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Blinds Or Shutters: Which Is Right For Your Property?

All properties require some form of protection and security. Security Blinds and Security Shutters are both effective ways of deterring criminals from attempting to unlawfully enter your property, but which one would be perfect for your site?

Planning Permission

Planning permission is required if you wish to install security shutters. In some areas of the country the police advise not to install shutters and instead recommend using alternative security products.

In some areas of the UK, a security blind is seen as the more suitable option to deter would-be thieves. Having a security blind installed between the shop front area and the rest of the shop acts as a more effective burglar deterrent and doesn’t require planning permission to be installed.

Security Shutters

Security shutters can be used in a number of different settings including residencies and businesses of varying sizes. The aesthetic of the current building as well as the size of the structure must be taken into account; smaller buildings may find that a roller shutter system would take up too much space.

Shutters are an effective way of securing a number of different entrances and access points as well as being able to secure some more alternative valuables. Recently a building in Brooklyn, New York, installed a protective roller shutter to protect a piece of Banksy graffiti that was painted on the side of a building. Banksy art work can command a high price which more than makes up for the cost of security shutter installation.

Security Blinds

Blinds can also be used in residential properties as well as commercial ones and provide protection to glass – and the home in general – in areas that are prone to extreme weather. Blinds can be fixed to patio doors as well as windows and are better at matching the aesthetic of the home, making them a more popular choice for residential properties.

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