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4 Types of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters have become the most dependable addition to any building to create ease of access, durability, maintenance and safety like no other door system can.

Modern designs take nothing away from a building’s aesthetic whilst adding that extra protection and privacy that companies require. Modern roller shutters are outperforming all other traditional door systems thanks to their innovative designs, handiness and material strength.

Made from aluminium and steel, modern roller shutters are lighter than ever before yet still keep their rigidity and security. Modern designs are built into windows and doors in a way that they are almost imperceptible to passers by when not in use.

Modern roller shutters have numerous features that companies are looking for; solid sleek designs, lightweight, ease of use, longevity, smooth movement, ease of installation, available in numerous sizes and high safety features.

Types of Roller Shutters

Whilst roller shutters are highly customisable, they can be grouped into four main categories that are the most frequently used.

  1. Built-In/ Built-on Roller Shutters

A built-in roller shutter box is made to be fixed to the beam above a door or window whilst a built-on roller shutter is placed over the exterior of the building portico. Built-in shutters are now usually designed into the construction of new buildings, whilst a built-on shutter can still be applied to older structures.

  1. Manual

To save money on smaller buildings, some businesses use manual shutters. They are lifted and lowered using manual controls.

  1. Integrated Shutters

For modern buildings, windows and shutters can be combined in the form of a single unit.

  1. Electric Shutters

A tubular motor fitted in the rollers means these types of shutters can be operated using electrical switches or with remote keys.

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